Friday, March 27, 2009

The First Endeavor

So I have been contemplating what my first post would be and I've been thinking that I should just jump in head first! Really the most important thing that has happened to me of late is getting to sing back up for Micheal Buble'! I affectionately call him "MY Boyfriend" and yes, that does make me a cougar! And I have to admit that I would have done anything to get on that tour bus with him...I know, that makes me a slut cougar! Oh well, If only I hadn't gained that 20lbs....I just know he'd be mine! In case your wondering, I'm the short blond and my arms are wrapped tightly around him! In this picture he was joking that maybe he should put me on his back so I could be seen! (Whatever you want baby!) I have to admit that he is really handsome in person but soooo skinny! You cant tell on stage because they dress him in very boxy suits. But, I almost didn't realize that it was him when I first saw his tiny butt...I mean him! Anyway, its safe to say that singing with him in Columbus and Cleveland were the best two nights of my life! Sadly, my five minutes of fame are over for now as I get ready to head out to my next big gig tonight... a bar that is stuck in a time warp, but hey its worth it, I get to re-live the sausage curl and I make a whole $70 bucks! So hang on and enjoy the only goes downwhill from here!

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  1. Love it!!! i'm totally laughing!!! You're funny!!!!